Modern Art

Ages 5-8

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Have fun with modern art! Create a Mondrian-inspired painting with tape to paint unique patterns and designs. Display your works of art to make your own gallery. Build and decorate your own hanging Calder-inspired mobile. Experiment with how it balances and then display it for all to see.

Everything needed in this little artist craft kit, from materials to illustrated directions, is included, along with explore!, a bonus play & learn magazine with extra projects and activities!

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    Megan J., Dec 20, 2016

    Modern Art

    My son loved the "Mondrian" activity, especially the fact that the finished painting got to be displayed on its own easel. I liked the fact that the bonus activities now seem to be incorporated in the magazine. Somehow that seems a lot cleaner. The mobile activity was fun but with the black pipe cleaners it ended up looking a little messy. They just didn't have the strength to be manipulated into any kid of shape beyond just hanging there. Though, my son still loved it and didn't care about the aesthetics.

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    Kiera H., Oct 19, 2016

    love for modern art

    My daughter LOVED her kiwi crate! I love how the box includes all of the supplies needed to create TWO crafts AND in addition gives you ideas for more fun crafts! It is also educational and helps ignite a desire to LOVE art :)

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    Tracey J., Sep 15, 2016

    great experience

    My daughter loved to mobile project but I loved it all. There were much more than just two projects. I love the extra instructional projects that were included in the booklet. I feel like a learned so much about modern art.

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