My Body And Me


  • Muscles & Organs
  • Glow Paper X-Rays
  • Sewing

About This Crate

    1. Too much yarn left over after sewing the felt organs? You can use a pencil or chopstick to quickly push the extra yarn inside.
    2. Divide the stuffing into three piles before beginning, but leave a slightly bigger pile for the brain — it's the biggest one.
    3. Be careful with the stethoscope. Very loud noises can damage your ears, especially if they are amplified.

Repurpose Your Crate

    1. Looking for something to do with the crate everything came in?
    2. With help from an adult, you can cut up the cardboard and turn it into a moving muscular arm!
    3. In this muscle machine, you’ll be mimicking the action of a muscle by pulling a string. This is actually pretty similar to how your muscles work. Muscles are made up of long fibers of cells, kind of like bundles of string.
    4. Read the tutorial here »

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