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Ignite a passion for science and creativity with these 3 projects. Recommended for Ages 14+.
All 3 projects delivered together.

1. Chalkboard & Glow Slime
Stretch your chemistry and doodling muscles by creating a set of two kinds of slime with this hands-on kit. Create jet-black chalkboard slime and doodle on it with the included chalkboard art markers. Make another batch with the included glow powder to create glow-in-the-dark slime.
Individual price: $22.95

2. Light-Up Speaker
Explore the science of sound by building an amplification circuit to power your own personal speaker. With this kit, build and customize your speaker with a glowing LED, and learn about transistors and electromagnetism through the included instruction set. Recommended for ages 12+.
Individual price: $39.95

3. Glow Lab
Mix up chemical solutions that glow in the dark! Contains everything you need to try 3 experiments exploring the chemistry of fluorescence, phosphorescence, and chemiluminescence. With a UV light and a spiral stand to help mix up your solutions, you’re good to glow!
Individual price: $44.95


  • Chalkboard & Glow Slime
  • Light-Up Speaker
  • Glow Lab

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