Ages 3-4

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Make a theater for your puppet shows; get your puppets ready to put on a show; and practice your drawing and letters with colorful cards!

Everything needed, from materials to illustrated directions, is included, along with imagine!, a bonus play & learn magazine for kids with additional project activities and puzzles.


  • Puppet theater
  • Dress-up puppets
  • Alphabet card game
  • DIY monster bookmark
  • imagine! magazine


  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Pretend Play
  • Communicating

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  1. r r r r r

    Faith, May 22, 2019

    Learning and creating

    This was a great activity for my son to be creative independently. The full extent of creativity involved in this crate was amazing, and he got to build and create different stories over and over again. Additionally, the dry-erase board was a perfect tool to practice writing letters with the addition of the educational cards

  2. r r r r r

    Anastasia, Jan 13, 2019

    Open ended play

    I love that the storytime crate allows for so much open ended play. It was easy to put together and my son loved making up his own stories. He especially loved rolling the curtain up and down. This crate leaves a lot to do after the crate is put together, and the small container to keep everything together for easy storage!

  3. r r r r r

    Jeff, Jul 29, 2018

    Fun and imaginative

    The puppet theater with a working curtain was a huge hit! I love that the pieces are magnetic so they will last through a lot of wear and tear. My 4 year old loves making different scenes and coming up with different storylines for all of her characters.

  4. r r r r r

    Cori C., May 8, 2018

    My son LOVES magnets!

    My son LOVES the magnets. This one he needed lots of help with from me, but overall I love it too. The flashcards are great. He may just be a little too young (2.5 yrs old) for this one, but I think that the puppet theater curtain was a little too hard for someone with little hands to roll up and down, it required a bit more strength and dexterity I think. But good practice for him in any case!

  5. r r r r r

    Kim M., May 5, 2018

    Clever and thoughtful projects

    Love the clever use of magnetic white board behind the scenery to attach magnets. For a relatively complex kit, my almost 4 yo jumped right in to changing our "backdrop". He puzzled a bit at first with the curtain but very quickly got the hang of rolling it down, and loved the control of ending the scene, or revealing the next one he'd set up. I loved that it got him to tell stories out loud - not always what I would have thought from the scenes he'd created but that was a good surprise for me. Thoughtful to have included the long envelope to store the magnets. Appreciated so much that you included children of color.

  6. r r r r r

    Patty N., Apr 23, 2018

    good quality

    Both my 3 year old and six year old loved this crate and have been telling stories to family members. I love how everything is magnetic and stays in place well, even with constant kid jostling.

  7. r r r r r

    David D., Apr 17, 2018

    Fun, simple, easy and educational!

    This was my 4 year olds favorite crate! She loves the puppet show and plays with it endlessly. We also are having a lot of educational fun with the letter cards and write on wipe off board- she is really learning her letters thanks to the cards.

  8. r r r r r

    Kendall M., Apr 15, 2018

    Love this one

    I have enjoyed watching my son create plays with the characters and the stage. The alphabet cards have been fantastic too! He's been getting more and more into reading and these came at a perfect time. This crate was more about learning then creating. We enjoy that each crate has different skills involved. I have recommended this to all of our friends who have kids.

  9. r r r r r

    Daniel B., Mar 5, 2018

    It was a hit!

    The magnet puppet show was a great hit. Our daughter loved the ability to change the scene and clothes on the puppets. Such a great activity. She continues to play with it everyday.

  10. r r r r r

    Tali B., Mar 4, 2018

    Great for both kids

    Both my 4 year old and 6 year old really enjoyed playing with this crate. It would be nice to include some blank backdrops and markers, so they can create their own environments for the stories. They loved being able to change the clothes and create a scene with the backdrops and magnets. A better connection between the letter/ name cards and the stories would have helped. Maybe templates for using the word cards to create a story? All in all a great kit!

  11. r r r r r

    Marisa A., Feb 15, 2018

    Still playing with it!

    The kids loved the dress up dolls and loved how they could tell their own stories. They are still playing with it.

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