Paper Circuits

Ages 9-16

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Use this paper lantern kit to experiment with circuits to peek into the amazing world of electricity! We all depend on electricity in countless ways everyday. Learn how to make your own paper circuit lanterns and try your hand at circuit-building challenges. Includes illustrated blueprint instructions, materials, and a special-edition Tinker Zine magazine to learn more about electronics.


  • Series and Parallel Circuits
  • Electrons
  • Static Electricity

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  1. r r r r r

    Iman, Feb 8, 2019

    Engaging and high quality fun products!

    I came across kiwico while browsing for fun activities for my homeschooler. I must say I’m one happy parent☺️The products are engaging and my son absolutely loves building them!

  2. r r r r r

    Michelle, Oct 30, 2017

    Paper lanterns

    My 11 year old son liked this one better than the spin art box. I liked spin art better. The tape for the triangle one was really hard to get to stay together. But he really enjoyed building the circuits for each one and I liked the extra pieces to build another project in the tinker zine book. Can’t wait for our next one!

  3. r r r r r

    Marc, Jun 9, 2017

    Great introduction

    My daughter's first tinker crate. She loved every step. She shows off the lamps and the robots to every person who walks through our door.

  4. r r r r r

    Joyce, May 9, 2017

    Love IT!

    My boys like circuits and they really enjoyed putting this project together!

  5. r r r r r

    Denise A., Aug 10, 2015

    educational fun

    My daughter got really into the tinker crate. Also she was having fun while learning so I think that is a win-win.

  6. r r r r r

    Cheryl G., Jul 9, 2015

    Fun activity

    I really enjoyed having a fun activity to do with my son. He was very interested in how everything worked, and it was something outside of the normal routine to work on together. It would've been nice if there were extra batteries included though.

  7. r r r r r

    Jennifer G., Jul 3, 2015


    My nine year old son loved the project, undertook it all on his own, and was able to successfully and proudly complete the project. He loved being able to make it and show everyone what he made and how it worked. The project was very successful and I had a happy and proud child.

  8. r r r r r

    Jessica S., Jun 17, 2015

    LOVE Tinker Crate!

    We liked everything about this crate! But I especially love that the instructions include testing, so it's easier to find mistakes. My kids loved this one. This project was so much fun, and I love that it's all "real" stuff, instead of "kid" stuff. This is exactly what I wanted for my kids. Well done! Love love love Tinker Crate! I'm so glad we signed up.

  9. r r r r r

    Laura L, Apr 15, 2015

    Beautiful LEDs

    The LEDs were beautiful and my son enjoyed putting the circuit together.

  10. r r r r r

    Cynthia A., Apr 9, 2015

    Thank you, Tinker Crate!

    The crate is packaged nicely and has all of the supplies you need. The projects are very well thought out and promote learning and exploration of new ideas. The box includes a book with additional experiments and ideas that build on learning gleaned from the main project. We LOVE these crates and can hardly wait for the next one to arrive.

  11. r r r r r

    Erin T., Apr 1, 2015

    A New Favorite Crate

    This is one of the best crates so far :) We've actually been doing a lot with basic circuitry, so this was a perfect project for my son to get!

  12. r r r r r

    Andrea J., Mar 23, 2015

    great bonding activity

    I enjoy most the one on one time with my son. With this project in particular we liked experimenting with the ability to use more then one light with only one power source.

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