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  1. Eco-Friendly Party Poppers

    Eco-Friendly Party Poppers

    Send your birthday guests home from the party with these eco-friendly party poppers. Have your kids help make them, fill them and pass them out...

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  2. Paper Picado

    Paper Picado

    Why not have your children help decorate for special occasions and birthday parties? I love this sweet banner made from bright colored tissue paper. Much...

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  3. Mason Jar Cupcakes

    Mason Jar Cupcakes

    These mason jar cupcakes are so easy to make/transport--and are virtually mess free when served. We've made them for a couple of birthday parties...

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  4. Homemade Birthday Banner

    Homemade Birthday Banner

    In our house, we try to make as many things as we can for the kids' parties by using things that we already have on...

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  5. Balloons + Bouncy Balls

    Balloons + Bouncy Balls

    We recently hosted a birthday party for our six-year old son. It was a lower key theme than some years past (which featured Pirates,...

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  6. Mini Piñatas

    Mini Piñatas

    Your kids will love to make and break these adorable mini pinatas!

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  7. Party Snack Cup

    Party Snack Cup

    It's amazing how happy children are when they have a new fun way to hold a snack. So simple. Love that innocent joy. This party...

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  8. Paper Crowns

    Paper Crowns

    I love paper crowns for celebrations--so fun, so easy, and so festive! We created this one with some leftover scrapbooking materials, but the beauty...

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  9. New Year's Eve Surprise Popper

    New Year's Eve Surprise Popper

    New Year's Eve has never been so fun! These festive poppers are easy to make, and kids love cracking them open to reveal goodies and...

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  10. Birthday Interview

    Birthday Interview

    As my kids get older, I'm trying to find ways to introduce more traditions into our family life--and birthdays are a great place to start....

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  11. Make Your Own Piñata

    Make Your Own Piñata

    These DIY piñatas are festive and fun for kids to create and then to break!

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  12. Paper Plate Ring Toss

    Paper Plate Ring Toss

    We recently celebrated my son's 7th birthday with a Carnival themed birthday party. We made all of our own games using materials that we...

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  13. Balloon Pet

    Balloon Pet

    Every time I walk into a market these days, my children gravitate towards those those walking Mylar balloon animals. As cute as...

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  14. Tissue Paper Garland

    Tissue Paper Garland

    My kids love creating things to decorate the house or their room - anything to get ready for the holidays. We made this tissue paper...

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  15. New Year's Eve Tiara

    New Year's Eve Tiara

    Celebrate the New Year in style with this fancy tiara! Each one can be custom-made to fit each child's personality and I just love that....

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