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  1. Foam Mask

    Foam Mask

    My kids love to create make-believe heroes and costumes. They plan their Halloween costumes for the next year as soon as November 1 rolls...

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  2. Felt Crown

    Felt Crown

    At our house, costumes aren't just for Halloween. My kids love thinking up fantastical adventures and, when we make costumes, we want them to last...

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  3. Clown Costume

    Clown Costume

    My daughter loves playing dress up and has been getting into the spirit of Halloween early this year. She's been asking, "Is it Halloween today"...

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  4. Bird Mask

    Bird Mask

    Definitely a quick and easy to make, handmade costume to add to your child's wardrobe! It involves very limited sewing that can easily be done...

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  5. Guatamalan Worry Doll

    Guatamalan Worry Doll

    Traditionally these dolls are a bit over one inch tall; these are quite a bit larger -- easier for young children to make! Tell your troubles...

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  6. Kitty Cat Nose

    Kitty Cat Nose

    This craft is really the cat's meow... There are so many fun uses for an egg carton in art-- this project may be the most...

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  7. Recycled Jet Pack Costume

    Recycled Jet Pack Costume

    Rummage around the recycling bin and find everything you need to make these one-of-a-kind jet packs. With the help of cardboard boxes and some other...

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  8. Customized Clipboard

    Customized Clipboard

    My five-year old has been wanting her very own clipboard for awhile now. I think it started after a doctor visit, when her favorite nurse...

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  9. Lace Crown

    Lace Crown

    I think my daughter is inheriting my love for vintage. When she asked for a crown made of lace, I got teary eyed. Then I...

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  10. How to Make Old-Fashioned Newspaper Party Hats

    How to Make Old-Fashioned Newspaper Party Hats

    Hats are for partying and this is an easy fun hat to make with your kid. Have fun!

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  11. Felt Superhero Masks

    Felt Superhero Masks

    Are your kids obsessed with superheroes? Mine are, especially my son. The kids decided to make masks to protect their superhero identities. It was a...

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  12. Cardboard Tube Wand

    Cardboard Tube Wand

    Here's a project as unique as your little magician or fairy princess! This project can be as simple as a paper towel roll, construction...

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  13. Unicorn Headband

    Unicorn Headband

    When my daughter wanted to have a unicorn birthday party we just had to have horns! These have become a great new addition to our...

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  14. Birthday Crown

    Birthday Crown

    A quick and easy craft project to make for a birthday (or any occasion). Have fun creating this party piece!

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