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  1. Haircut Doll

    Haircut Doll

    The day I walked into the bathroom and saw sweet little golden brown locks on the floor, I nearly cried. Good thing for me my...

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  2. Contact Paper Dolls

    Contact Paper Dolls

    As a little girl, I loved paper dolls. My mom used to buy me thick books filled with different clothes. I'd spend hours carefully punching...

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  3. Valentines for Classmates - Wooden Doll Fairies

    Valentines for Classmates - Wooden Doll Fairies

    Making valentines for classmates is such a sweet idea. Your child can show their love through personalized these wonderful gifts.

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  4. Paper Doll Chain

    Paper Doll Chain

    Did you ever make paper dolls when you were a kid (or maybe you still make them!)? To bring this easy project to life, all...

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  5. Cardboard Tube Doll Crowns

    Cardboard Tube Doll Crowns

    We like to get fancy around here and my daughter asked if we could make crowns for her dolls. They were scheduled to attend a...

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  6. Mitten Dolls

    Mitten Dolls

    Mittens have got to be the sweetest accessory on a little one. I have so many adorable little mittens; too bad my kids are all...

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  7. Ballerina Bunny

    Ballerina Bunny

    Most things in our house are turned into ballerinas. So when my daughter wanted a tutu on her clothespin bunny I was in no way...

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  8. Flower Hair Clips

    Flower Hair Clips

    This is a fun and super easy craft, perfect for kids to make together at a playdate or as a take-home party favor. And you...

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  9. Paper Roll Elf

    Paper Roll Elf

    We had so much fun making this darling little elf. We have since made an entire elf family. What a fun way to start the...

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  10. Creating Gnome Toys

    Creating Gnome Toys

    My almost-5-year-old daughter is very excited about the idea of making her own toys. Most recently she has enjoyed creating and playing with wooden and...

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  11. Pipe Cleaner Jewelry

    Pipe Cleaner Jewelry

    My daughter loves jewelry, but doesn't take good care of it. We came up with a compromise. She can make as much pipe...

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  12.  Pretend Campfire (with S'mores!)

    Pretend Campfire (with S'mores!)

    Want to bring the wonder of the great outdoors...inside? With this pretend fire and s'more kit, indoor camping has never been more fun! My kids...

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  13. Pipe Cleaner Flower Fairies

    Pipe Cleaner Flower Fairies

    My daughter just loves fairies. She wanted to make and name her own, so we tried this homemade fairy-making project!

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