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  1. Numbered Balloon Hide and Go Seek

    Numbered Balloon Hide and Go Seek

    Looking for a way to beat the heat or have fun indoors? This balloon game is a colorful solution. Ages two to ten will all...

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  2. Cardboard Learning Tree

    Cardboard Learning Tree

    We upcycled a large piece of cardboard and turned it into a Christmas tree, added some ornaments with Velcro dots, and then made some learning...

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  3. Golf Race Game

    Golf Race Game

    Who's ready for a race? Race to the hole with this Golf Race Game. Practice counting and taking turns along the way!

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  4. Ping Pong Bounce Game

    Ping Pong Bounce Game

    Challenge friends or family members to a great game of Ping Pong Bounce!

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  5. Mitten Match: Uppercase and Lowercase Alphabet Game

    Mitten Match: Uppercase and Lowercase Alphabet Game

    Make these easy and colorful paper mittens, then play games that teach your preschooler how to match upper- and lowercase alphabet letters, like hide and...

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  6. Life Size Board Game

    Life Size Board Game

    Stuck inside? Use up some energy with this giant, life-sized board game.

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  7. Pom Pom Hockey

    Pom Pom Hockey

    Hockey has always been a big part of our lives. I wanted a fun way to bring the love of the game indoors. Try this...

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  8. Hidden Snowball Game

    Hidden Snowball Game

    You and your toddler will have a blast playing this homemade Hidden Snowball Game together!

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  9. Bulls-Eye Bowling

    Bulls-Eye Bowling

    We had some rainy days lately and discovered that masking tape is great for indoor games! Try this no-mess indoor one.

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  10. Paper Plate Ring Toss

    Paper Plate Ring Toss

    We recently celebrated my son's 7th birthday with a Carnival themed birthday party. We made all of our own games using materials that we...

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  11. Word Game Magnets

    Word Game Magnets

    Finding ways to bring literacy into our home in a fun, no pressure way is something I am constantly searching for. These magnets were the...

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  12. Magnetic Fishing Game

    Magnetic Fishing Game

    My kids love games, which is a great way to trick them into learning something. This classic fishing game not only works on their motor...

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  13. Homemade Tapatan

    Homemade Tapatan

    We love playing endless games of tic-tac-toe so I decided to mix it up a bit and try making and playing the game of Tapatan!

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  14. Spider Web Walk

    Spider Web Walk

    I recently stumbled across this adorable idea on No Time for Flashcards, and thought this simple activity would be a blast to try out:

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  15. Indoor Hopscotch

    Indoor Hopscotch

    Where we live, there are a lot of rainy days. I have to get creative to keep a two- and five-year-old entertained and active during...

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