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  1. Toy Story 4 Ferris Wheel Desk Organizer

    Toy Story 4 Ferris Wheel Desk Organizer

    Make your workspace both more tidy and more fun with this Toy Story 4 Ferris Wheel Desk Organizer! With simple materials, build a Ferris wheel,...

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  2. Parachute Toy

    Parachute Toy

    Have you ever ridden a bicycle down a hill and felt the wind on your face? Air is all around you. To move through it,...

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  3. Space Ranger School with Woody and Buzz

    Space Ranger School with Woody and Buzz

    To infinity and beyond! Woody and Buzz are off to Space Ranger School and are eager to learn how to fly so they can be...

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  4. Cartesian Diver

    Cartesian Diver

    Explore the science behind density and pressure...

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  5. Tipping Egg Toy

    Tipping Egg Toy

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  6. Letter Matching Parking Lot

    Letter Matching Parking Lot

    Lately, we have been reinforcing lower-case letters with my 4-year-old. He's really good with his capital letters, but still confuses a few of the...

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  7. Desk Catapult

    Desk Catapult

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  8. Flying Bird Toy

    Flying Bird Toy

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  9. Make Your Own Building Blocks + 10 Ways to Use Them

    Make Your Own Building Blocks + 10 Ways to Use Them

    Turn your empty food boxes into building blocks. Use your new building blocks for playing and learning!

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  10. Indoor Snow Play

    Indoor Snow Play

    Bring the snow inside. Build a road for cars, make snow soup, create a miniature snowman and so much more. A great activity for when...

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  11. Egg Carton Ladybug

    Egg Carton Ladybug

    When the weather starts warming up, my little ones can't wait to get outside and start hunting for bugs! They love digging through the...

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  12. Hobby Stick Animal

    Hobby Stick Animal

    Using a stick, a sock, and your imagination, make a rideable toy. Will yours be a zebra? A giraffe? This one had wings...

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  13. Car Painting

    Car Painting

    Drive your cars through the paint and let them roll down the ramp to make their own art.

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  14. Alphabet Neighborhood

    Alphabet Neighborhood

    Play and learn letter sounds with this Alphabet Neighborhood activity.

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  15. Pendulum Wave Toy

    Pendulum Wave Toy

    A pendulum is a hanging weight that swings back and forth, like the swinging arm on a grandfather clock...

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