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  1. Yarn Pom Pom Decorated Easter Basket

    Yarn Pom Pom Decorated Easter Basket

    My daughter wanted to "spruce" up her Easter basket this year. So, we made a homemade pom pom and added pretty yarn. Read below to...

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  2. Yarn Eggs

    Yarn Eggs

    We have done this simple craft for many different occasions. We have made hearts, shamrocks and flower shapes, but on this day (with quickly-approaching spring...

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  3. Yarn Christmas Tree

    Yarn Christmas Tree

    These Christmas trees always garner attention from house guests. And when I let them know that the trees were made by the kiddos, they're usually...

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  4. Dream Catcher

    Dream Catcher

    Dreamcatchers are a great craft for an older child. Threading and pattern-making with beads are always a big hit.

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  5. Make a Yarn Pom Pom Bunny Tail

    Make a Yarn Pom Pom Bunny Tail

    The perfect accessory for your Easter egg hunt! Create an adorable bunny tail to wear as you search for those eggs.

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  6. Finger Knitting Tutorial and Bracelet

    Finger Knitting Tutorial and Bracelet

    Finger knitting may seem complicated at first...but after the first minute, it's easy to understand, and it goes really fast! You'll have a bracelet,...

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  7. Guatamalan Worry Doll

    Guatamalan Worry Doll

    Traditionally these dolls are a bit over one inch tall; these are quite a bit larger -- easier for young children to make! Tell your troubles...

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  8. Crazy Creature Magnets

    Crazy Creature Magnets

    Display your art or school work proudly with these crazy creature magnets made from puzzle pieces.

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  9. Green Clover Collage

    Green Clover Collage

    Celebrate St. Patrick's Day and Spring with this fun green clover collage craft.

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  10. Rainbow Shape Mobile

    Rainbow Shape Mobile

    My kids loved making this fun, colorful mobile to brighten up our kitchen on a rainy day! It used up lots of our construction...

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  11. Jar + Yarn = Vase

    Jar + Yarn = Vase

    Mother's Day is coming up, and in our house, that means flowers! Since I had a big stash of empty jelly jars just waiting for...

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  12. Bendable Pipe Cleaner Letters

    Bendable Pipe Cleaner Letters

    When I saw these beautiful yarn letters on Giddy Giddy, I knew I had to try these with my kids. We had a lot of...

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  13. 3-D Yarn Spider Web

    3-D Yarn Spider Web

    Why buy Halloween decorations when you can have your kids make really cool ones? This 3-D Yarn Spider Web is fun to make and will...

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  14. Heart-Shaped Dreamcatchers

    Heart-Shaped Dreamcatchers

    I love Valentine's Day, but not for the candy or the gifts. I love it for the abundance of hearts displayed and love demonstrated. There...

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  15. Paper Purse

    Paper Purse

    My daughter is obsessed with accessories. She loves any kind of bag or purse that she can fill with her treasures. With this simple craft,...

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