Engineering 3-Pack

Build awe-inspiring Tinker Crate projects and explore the science of gears, air pressure, and hydraulics. Ages 9-16+

  • Automaton

    Engineer a hand-cranked, wooden automaton that makes a marble climb stairs. Explore the gears and cams that make the mechanics work.

  • Hydraulic Claw

    Construct your own lifting claw and learn how hydraulic systems work. Continue the experimentation with bonus design challenges.

  • Vacuum Chamber

    Build a vacuum chamber to conduct air pressure experiments! Pump air in and out of the chamber to see how things respond in a low pressure environment.

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Mechanics 3-Pack

Discover hands-on fun with Kiwi Crate and dive into the science of mechanics, motion, and hydraulics. Ages 5-8+

  • Mechanical Sweeper

    Build a vacuum cleaner-like sweeper with moving parts that can be used to pick small items. Learn how salt and water react with vibrant watercolor painting.

  • Disk Launchers

    Build a launcher and explore physics by sending disks zooming across the room! Use the launcher to create and play a game with your new flying toys.

  • Playing with Hydraulics

    Create your own hydraulics system and experiment with hydraulic-powered mechanisms. Put water to work with a wiggling inchworm and a color-changing picture.

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Chemistry 3-Pack

Explore amazing reactions with 3 lab kits. Build, experiment, and learn the science of chemistry. Ages 14+

  • Vortex Lab

    Build a magnetic mixing machine and explore 4 amazing reactions that explore the science of solubility, reaction speed, and oxidation-reduction.

  • Glow Lab

    Explore UV light and mix up 3 solutions that glow in the dark. Explore the chemistry of fluorescence, phosphorescence, and chemiluminescence.

  • Fire Lab

    Make a colorful flame lamp and complete 7 combustion experiments that explore the chemistry of oxidation, the flame test, and light energy.

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Electronics 3-Pack

Construct 3 advanced electronics kits to create a working flashlight, glowing speaker, and laser projector. Ages 14+

  • Light-Up Speaker

    Explore the science of sound by building an amplification circuit to power your own personal light-up speaker.

  • Hand-Crank Flashlight

    Assemble your own hand-crank flashlight, great for outdoor adventures, emergencies, or just battery-free fun.

  • Geometric Laser Projector

    Construct a variable speed laser projector, capable of producing a variety of different geometric patterns.

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Science & Art 3-Pack

Fuse science and art together with 3 creative projects that explore chemistry, electronic circuits, and art. Ages 9+

  • Chalkboard & Glow Slime

    Stretch your chemistry and doodling muscles and mix two kinds of slime with this hands-on kit — jet-black chalkboard slime and glow-in-the-dark slime.

  • Constellation Messenger Bag

    Create your own light-up messenger bag. Build a LED constellation circuit and sponge paint a beautiful galaxy effect to make the bag your own.

  • Light-Up Wire Art

    Build two custom electronic art pieces with EL wire. Choose from five existing templates, or create your own from scratch.

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What Sets Our Crates Apart

  1. We deliver carefully engineered components along with clear instructions and inspiration.

    Carefully engineered components!
  2. We ensure that the projects are multi-dimensional with lots of possibilities for kids to tinker and explore.

    Tinker and explore!
  3. Every crate is tested rigorously by our experts and lots of kids.

    Tested rigorously!
  4. Our projects are enriching, accessible, and fun for kids of all ages.

    Enriching, accessible, and fun!

Each of our crates presents kids with a multi-faceted experience that can last for hours, or even days! Our crates include a magazine with additional science experiments and activities, and lots of rich content to dig deeper into the theme. We also provide online resources and video content for every project, all designed to allow kids to explore further.

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