Slime is the most popular DIY project these days, but it’s also an educational opportunity to learn about non-newtonian fluids.

Mixing sodium borate, glue, and a few more ingredients turns these otherwise ordinary household objects into something extraordinary - an object that’s neither liquid nor solid! It’s no wonder that making slime is one of the biggest trends these days. Read on, and you’ll be learning how to make slime in no time.

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The Best Creative Slime Science Project (Ages 9+)

Stretch your chemistry and doodling muscles by creating a set of two kinds of slime with this hands-on science and art kit. Create jet-black chalkboard slime and doodle on it with the included chalkboard art markers. Make another batch with the included glow powder to create glow-in-the-dark slime.

Chalkboard & Glow Slime

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Slime Time

Young learners love to dive hands first into colorful experiments that test their artistic eye and imagination. With a lot of creativity and some top-notch chemistry thrown into the mix, DIY slime activities can truly stir up an appreciation for creativity, experimentation, and the science behind the slime. There's something tactile and fulfilling about concocting your own strange creation. KiwiCo slime making kits encourage your child to run with their urge to create!

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