Soap Dispenser

Ages 14+

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Get ready for hands-on tinkering . . with squeaky-clean hands! Harness the power of pumps and switches, and rig up a mechanical soap dispenser that works with the push of a button. Explore the science of peristalsis, then deep-dive into the history of human hygiene — both good and bad!


  • Build the base
  • Build the nozzle
  • Build the body
  • Make the pump
  • Wire it up


  • Peristaltic Motion
  • History of Soap
  • Hygiene Hacks

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  1. r r r r r

    Michelle, Jun 5, 2020

    Practical Science

    We love this kit so much that we bought it twice. Our son has one in his bathroom (he washes his hands more now YAY) and we have one for hand sanitizer in our entry way. Our son had a blast building it and learned a lot about peristalsis.

  2. r r r r r

    J R, May 25, 2020

    She Loved It

    It was our granddaughter's first kit of any kind, and being April 2020 that she did it, the timing was perfect for all things going on in the USA

  3. r r r r r

    Carol, May 16, 2020

    Awesome soap dispenser

    My 6 year old grandson loves building things and he enjoyed this kit. He is very proud of himself and loves to use it.

  4. r r r r r

    Nikki, May 12, 2020

    Independently assembled and problem solved!!

    My children (11- 13) assembled this following the directions but the pump motion went in reverse creating air bubbles! They were able to problem solve and correct the directions on their own and reverse the electrical connections on their own without a spot of help! I can't vouch whether or not they will pass the peristalsis quiz- I do wish the booklet would be available on line with a link so when I traveled I could ask them questions pertent to the craft! (PLEASE!) However this was a good choice and kept them occupied, problem solving and IT works!! End game: cleaner children! Thank You Kiwi!

  5. r r r r r

    David, May 4, 2020

    Good acept came with a crack in the holder

    AMAZING! Outstanding for my son. But, it came with a crack. Of Course my son figured out how to fix it and fixed it with duct tape. Overall, I recommend this to your children or grandchildren

  6. r r r r r

    PATTY, May 2, 2020

    Grand daughter LOVED it!

    Very functional kit, especially during COVID-19! She is 9 years old, it was a bit challenging, but she did it and we use it daily. She was very impressed with the difference in materials as she normally gets the Tinker collection (she loves those too!)

  7. r r r r r

    Evan, Apr 24, 2020

    Epic product!

    I do not regret buying this! I was able to build it easily and got it running on my first try! Came with soap and batteries (4AA). You can supply your own if you want! It will be my main to go to dispenser now for the bathroom instead of our manual pump one. Love it!

  8. r r r r r

    Joce, Apr 23, 2020

    10 Y\O Daughter LOVES this

    Our 10 yr old daughter loved this as we allowed her to put this together ALL on her own. She followed the directions, ask questions and eventually had a successful test the first time. The will get great use in our 1/2 bathroom.

  9. r r r r r

    Jessiqa, Apr 10, 2020


    This was a great project and my daughter’s teachers loved it.

  10. r r r r r

    Michelle, Apr 8, 2020

    Fantastic & useful

    My son (10) LOVED this kit! Especially with COVID-19 going around, I love that he washes his hands even more now. This was also a fantastic at home learning activity. He learned about germs, history of soap, and peristalsis. All around fantastic activity!

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