Atlas Crate Classics (5-Pack)

Ages 6-11

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Shop for Atlas favorites and travel the globe with this 5-pack!

1. Australia
Build a hopping kangaroo toy, and craft a colorful Great Barrier Reef art piece.
2. Germany
Make your own fill-in-the-blank fairy tale, and construct your own Autobahn car and launcher set.
3. Russia
Build a St. Basil's Cathedral storage box, and play a miniature game of gorodki.
4. Canada
Craft a moose-themed snow globe and play a miniature hockey game.
5. Kenya
Build a pair of safari binoculars, and craft your own beaded, Maasai-inspired wristband.

All 5 projects delivered together.


  • Australia
  • Germany
  • Russia
  • Canada
  • Kenya

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