Embossed Paper Lantern

Ages 9-16+

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Take inspiration from Moroccan metalwork lamps, and create your very own embossed mini-lantern. Use a rubbing plate and embossing stylus to rub textured patterns onto a set of paper lantern panels. Then punch a unique pattern of holes into the panels for the light to shine through. Add some pops of color by layering on jewel-toned tissue paper, then finish off by folding and assembling your uniquely decorated lantern. Ready to become an emboss boss?


  • Emboss paper to create a patterned and textured design
  • Punch holes into lantern
  • Add colored tissue paper for a colorful effect
  • Fold and assemble lantern


  • Embossing Paper
  • Paper Punching
  • Paper

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  1. r r r r r

    Emilie, Jan 27, 2020

    Great for older kids

    My 9 year old LOVED this craft and she proudly has her string lights hanging in her room. The paper embossing was a bit hard for her so I had to help with that part. This would be a great craft for older kids...seems like 9 was a bit young.

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