Bubble Lamp

Ages 9-16+

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Light up a love of science — with your very own bubble lamp. Mix vegetable oil and liquid watercolor, and pour it inside the body of your bubble lamp. Wire up a set of lights, then engineer a bubble pump to keep the bubbles inside your lamp movin' and groovin'. Learn about the unique interaction between oil and water, and why that makes lava lamps so lavable.


  • Fill the lamp
  • Wire the lights
  • Build the bubble pump
  • Finish the lamp


  • Edible Emulsions
  • Science of Oil & Water
  • Liquid Density

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    Pam, Mar 1, 2020

    This is a really cool way to study the concept of hydrophilic and hydrophobic molecules.

    Our whole family had a lot of fun making this lamp. It's incredibly creative. It uses vegetable oil and watercolored water to make the lava and LED lights for the lamp. You even have a choice of filters to color the lamp light. It uses a pump with a one way valve to inject air to the bottom of the lamp pushing the oil droplets from the bottom to the top of the lamp thereby giving a lava lamp effect. I think this is my favorite Tinker crate so far. Other big hits here are the Ballista (my son's favorite), the Trebuchet, the Mechanical Bird, and the Robot.

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