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  1. Mechanical Bird


    Engineer a model bird and experiment with gear-driven wings!
  2. Color Changing Creatures


    Engineer a pair of linkage-powered critters that stick their tongues out when you pull a tab, then use them to play a felt fly-catching game. Paint your critters with thermochromic paint that changes color when heated. Finish off by crafting a set of color-changing coasters!
  3. Daily Activities


    Place and rearrange activity magnets to sort and sequence your everyday schedule — from bedtime to bathtime to brushing-your-teeth-time, and everything in between. Then design and dye a colorful quilt you can use to tuck in your Kellan plushie and act out naptime routines.
  4. Alphabet Bank


    Play an alphabet munch game using a Kellan coin bank and a bunch of colorful letter tokens — can you "feed" Kellan the right letter? Then puzzle together felt pieces to make every letter from A to Z: a great way to help grow your budding letter-writing skills!
  5. Mail Delivery


    Pack a mailbag full of mail you make yourself (complete with felt envelopes and adorable address labels!), then pretend to make deliveries all around your house. Practice your tracing, folding, and cutting skills using colorful activity sheets, then mail your finished work to family and friends.
  6. Glowing Wand and Crown Costume


    Forge a light-up wand and shimmery crown fit for any ruler. Kingdom not included.
  7. Marble Timer Book Set

    $31.95 $34.95 value

    Explore mechanics and time with our Marble Timer crate and curated book, Just a Second. Save when purchased as a pack.
  8. Automaton Classroom Pack

    $149.95 $134.95

    With this 10 pack, your students will work in pairs or small groups to construct automatons - hand-cranked machines that investigate mechanics and patterns of motion. The project is broken up into multiple suggested class periods and serves 20-40 students.

    Value: $6 per student, covering up to 3 hours

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  9. Hydraulic Claw


    Construct your own lifting claw and learn how hydraulic systems work. Continue the experimentation with bonus design challenges.
  10. Safari

    $24.95 $20.95

    Embark on a wild safari expedition with 3 engaging activities and a bonus magazine.


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