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Add a pop of color to your day with this crate! Play a color scavenger hunt game in which you roll a pair of colored die and search for objects around your house that match. Use watercolors to paint a bright and bold banner that you can hang high and proud. Then use multicolored beads to craft a colorful luminary — perfect tor a night light, or just for brightening up your room!

Everything needed, from materials to illustrated directions, is included, along with imagine!, a bonus play & learn magazine for kids.

Through Koala Camp, supplement & extend Colors with FREE content, video and additional DIY activities.

Find out more about Koala Camp and all the sessions of Camp KiwiCo here!

Camp KiwiCo is open, and will be accessible all summer long. Crates can be purchased individually or you can buy a whole pack for the whole session.


  • Match and name colors
  • Mix colors and create a banner for display
  • Play with bead pattern designs to create a colorful night-light


  • Counting & Numbers
  • Colors
  • Matching & Sorting

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    Susan, Jun 22, 2020

    Fun DIY luminary but colors concept may be too easy for 4-5 year olds

    The crate came with colored cards but the blue card was missing or it looked too much like another purple card. Can't demonstrate to your child that Blue+Yellow=Green or Blue+Red=Purple when the blue card is not a true blue color. Thanks.

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