Explore Thailand

Ages 6-11

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Say hi to Thailand! Tell a story with a shadow puppet theater you construct yourself. Craft and decorate a colorful krathong, then set it afloat. Play the leopard hunt–inspired board game, len choa, and learn to strategize like a sneaky tiger. Explore the tropical forest, where the Asian elephant roams. Then finish off your Thailand trip by whipping up a heaping bowl of Pad Thai.

Through Atlas Camp, supplement & extend Explore Thailand with FREE content, video and additional DIY activities.

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Camp KiwiCo is open, and will be accessible all summer long. Crates can be purchased individually or you can buy a whole pack for the whole session.


  • Construct your own shadow puppet theater
  • Make your own krathong


  • Floating Krathong
  • Shadow Puppets
  • Elephants

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  1. r r r r r

    margaret, Jun 14, 2020

    Learned about Culture!

    Worth every penny. Daughter is so proud of her projects and her heritage now.

  2. r r r r r

    Jennifer, May 7, 2020

    My 5 & 8 year old love this.

    So wonderful, and I love how it inspires the kid's imaginations. Love the facts about Asian elephants and Thai culture. We did the pad Thai recipe but added ginger to the recipe. The flower basket craft (kathrong) is beautiful. The puppets gets played with everyday and looks adorable on our coffee table. I love how it's both fun and educational at the same time. Thank you for your well made products Kiwico!

  3. r r r r r

    Sarah, Apr 16, 2020


    My 7 and and 10 year old LOVED this. They put on a shadow puppet show for the family and added music. They have been talking about Pad Thai for days. It was easy for them to do together and I could focus on my work while they did it. The instructions are very well done for children to do on their own.

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