Maker Crate (3-Pack)

Ages 14+

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Make the most of your creativity — with this Maker Crate 3-pack.

1. Hand-Embroidered Lamp
Practice your technique on a fabric square, then strut your sashiko skills by stitching a design onto the fabric for a lampshade. Assemble your lamp, then light up a love of art and design.
2. Stenciled Book Holder
Design your very own stencils, then use them to create a colorful canvas-bound book holder... and anything else you'd like to stencil!
3. Geometric Clay Organizers
Use colorful, geometric chips of polymer clay to create a set of terazzo treasures — where no two are exactly alike!

All 3 projects delivered together.


  • Hand-Embroidered Lamp
  • Stenciled Book Holder
  • Geometric Clay Organizers

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  1. r r r r r

    Dia, Jul 25, 2020

    Fun and useful projects

    My niece loved all 3 of the projects in this set. A lot of fun.

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