Chemistry (3-Pack)

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Ignite a passion for science with 3 complete chemistry lab kits. With Glow Lab, you’ll receive a UV light and mix up 3 glowing solutions. With Fire Lab, you’ll create a colorful flame lamp and complete 7 combustion experiments. And with Vortex Lab, you’ll build a magnetic mixing machine and explore 4 amazing reactions. Recommended for Ages 14+.
All 3 projects delivered together.

1. Vortex Lab
Build a magnetic mixing machine and spin up a chemical cyclone! Contains everything you need to try 4 chemistry experiments exploring the science of solubility, reaction speed, and oxidation-reduction. Experience some cool color-changing reactions and mix it up — with chemistry!
Individual price: $49.95

2. Glow Lab
Mix up chemical solutions that glow in the dark! Contains everything you need to try 3 experiments exploring the chemistry of fluorescence, phosphorescence, and chemiluminescence. With a UV light and a spiral stand to help mix up your solutions, you’re good to glow!
Individual price: $44.95

3. Fire Lab
Ignite chemicals and see the colors of combustion! Contains everything you need to try 7 experiments exploring the chemistry of oxidation, the flame test, and light energy. Make a colorful flame lamp and spark a passion for science!
Individual price: $34.95


  • Fire Lab
  • Vortex Lab
  • Glow Lab


  • Polymers
  • Plastic
  • Solids and Liquids

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    Laura C., Aug 15, 2018

    Kids enjoyed and learned so many challenging concepts.

    My kids loved all of the experiments. We plan to buy another set in the future because the kids had so much fun and learned so many new and challenging concepts.

  2. r r r r r

    Peter P., Jul 30, 2018

    Grandsons were fascinated with the Chemistry projects!

    My grandsons were fascinated by what they learned using the Chemistry projects! And while they were with us this summer, they enjoyed both the engineering projects and the chemistry projects, which were a wonderful complement to each other.

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