Kiwi Classics (5-Pack)

Ages 5-8

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These 5 projects are perfect for weekend or winter break activities!
All 5 projects delivered together.

1. Color and Light
Create a color-mixing light jar, project colorful shadows, and play with rainbow glasses to learn about color and light!
2. Moving with Muscles
Build a soccer player with a leg that mimics muscular movement. Then craft your very own bow and arrow set to learn how your arm muscles work.
3. Solar System
Create your own solar system mobile, complete with a light-up sun in the center.
4. Capillary Action
Create flowers to learn about capillary action and build a tree balancing game!
5. Magnetic Motion
Build a theater that uses magnet power to lift paper vehicles into the air. Use a magnet to move a character through a maze to victory. Then design your own magnet maze challenges!


  • Color and Light
  • Moving with Muscles
  • Solar System
  • Capillary Action
  • Magnetic Motion

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