Mechanical Claw Classroom Pack

Ages 8+

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In this classroom pack, students will build jointed claws inspired by the biomechanics of a human hand. They'll learn about articulation and tension as they modify the number of joints and fingers in their claws, using limited materials. Students will also work together to solve engineering challenges, from picking up a slippery marble to playing a clawsome board game. The project is broken up into four suggested class periods and serves 20-40 students.

This classroom pack can be reused with multiple classes for endless learning and fun. At the end of the project, just disassemble the mechanical claws and store the materials in their boxes. Keep the instruction cards and teacher guide handy as well to lead your next class of young makers.

Designed for 3rd to 5th grade classrooms, each pack includes all the materials, instructions, and lesson plans to explore STEM topics through project-based learning, while aligning with Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). They make a perfect gift for teachers, educators, classrooms, maker spaces, after school programs, and camps.

Value: $6 per student

- High-quality materials that can be reused year after year
- 10 instruction card sets with illustrated instructions
- Teacher guide with lesson plans, discussion questions, and worksheets (view sample pages)
- Online introduction video, digital downloads, and more

“I really liked taking apart and redesigning my claw. I figured out it could pick up more things when it had two fingers instead of three fingers.” - Palo Alto 6th grader

"I tried out my claw with a lot of different things, like opening a door and picking up a stapler. It reminded me of DARPA challenges I've seen." - Palo Alto 6th grader

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