Koala Crate (3-Pack)

Ages 3-4

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Play, learn, and explore with this 3-pack of projects — perfect for little learners.

1. Neighborhood Fun
Paint a very special water-play mat with a water-dipped paintbrush to reveal the ins-and-outs of Kellan’s neighborhood.

2. Under the Sea
Experiment with color mixing to create tie-dye, colorful fish. Build a fishing rod and try to catch your fish (while practicing fine motor skills!). Explore different sea creatures with a bath-friendly nesting puzzle.

3. Reptiles
Reptiles are fascinating! Make a cuddly snake, play a game with a color-changing chameleon, build a turtle box for keepsakes.

All 3 projects delivered together.


  • Neighborhood Fun
  • Under the Sea
  • Reptiles

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  1. r r r r r

    Alison, Jul 2, 2020

    These are amazing.

    My children have enjoyed these immensely. My 4 year old has loved the Koala crates. My 7 year old is learning so much from the Kiwi crates. Even my 16 year old has been learning and keeping busy with her craft boxes. These are well designed, age appropriate, and so fun and educational. Thank you KiwiCo!

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