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  1. Drip Irrigation

    Drip Irrigation


    Engineer a drip irrigation system and sprout a love of botany and physics! Construct the water tower and trellis, set up the planter pots, then grow your own bean, wheatgrass, and watermelon plants. Explore the science of irrigation and the different ways that farmers put water to work (from flood irrigation to spray irrigation to computer-controlled farming!).
  2. Shadow Box Night Light

    Shadow Box Night Light


    Build and wire up the box, then harness the ins-and-outs of dimensional art to create a design out of layers of vellum sheets. Assemble your vellum layers, customize your background, then switch it on to enjoy your delightful artwork.
  3. Labyrinth



    Engineer an a-maze-ing labyrinth maze game, complete with a maze that you can design (and redesign!) yourself.
  4. Chemistry (2-Pack)

    $74.95 $84.90 value

    Ignite a passion for science with 2 complete chemistry lab kits. With Electrochemistry, you'll complete 2 experiments and engineer a clock that runs on just saltwater and strips of metal. With Glow Lab, you’ll receive a UV light and mix up 3 glowing solutions. Recommended for Ages 14+.

    Delivery note: The Chemistry Pack is only eligible for Ground Shipping within the Contiguous United States. This pack will ship separately from any other items in your order. Your entire order only qualifies for Standard Shipping (delivered within 3-10 business days).
  5. Slime Party (5-Pack)

    $74.95 $94.75 value

    With this 5-pack of projects, you'll concoct oozy, fizzy volcano slime; glittery confetti slime; color-changing thermochromic slime; circuit-perfect conductive slime; doodle-able chalkboard slime; and some bonus glow-in-the-dark slime!
  6. Tinker Camp (5-Pack)

    Tinker Camp (5-Pack)

    $109.95 $139.75 value

    Spark moments of inspiration & fun all week long exploring robotics, hydraulics, movie magic, mechanical toys & outer space!

    Supplement & extend your child's Tinker Camp experience with these specially curated projects to match each day's theme!

    Tinker Camp will feature five-days of FREE content, video and additional DIY activities to pair with these crates.

    Find out more about Tinker Camp and all the sessions of Camp KiwiCo here! Camp KiwiCo is open, and will be accessible all summer long.


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