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Shop the latest and greatest crates to spark creativity and encourage hands-on fun. Shop the latest and greatest crates to spark creativity and encourage hands-on fun.

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  1. Eureka Crate Science of Fun (3-Pack)

    Eureka Crate Science of Fun (3-Pack)

    $94.95 $104.85 value

    Explore physics with a pintastic pinball machine you built yourself. Build a linkage-powered trashketball game, then harness the power of parabolas to aim, shoot, and score with science. Then construct a hand-powered balloon pump, and learn to make twisty, tricky balloon art!
  2. Doodle Crate Classics (5-Pack)

    Doodle Crate Classics (5-Pack)

    $109.95 $124.75 value

    This 5-pack has oodles of Doodle projects to keep you inspired and experimenting with art and design!
  3. Eureka Crate Classics (5-Pack)

    Eureka Crate Classics (5-Pack)

    $149.95 $174.75 value

    Put the fun in functional and make five amazing things you’ll use everyday — with this Eureka Crate 5-pack!
  4. Eureka Crate Fun and Functional (3-Pack)

    Eureka Crate Fun and Functional (3-Pack)

    $94.95 $104.85 value

    Light up a love for material science by building an adjustable articulated desk lamp. Fulfill your engineering desktiny by constructing an adjustable tilt-and-fold desk. Then harness the power of pumps and switches to rig up a mechanical soap dispenser that works with the push of a button.
  5. Doodle Crate Art School (3-Pack)

    Doodle Crate Art School (3-Pack)

    $69.95 $74.85 value

    Become a soaperstar, and craft your own marbled, multilayered, embedded soaps. Then sculpt and decorate an animal-shaped pencil holder, complete with stenciled pencils and animal pencil-toppers. Finish off by testing your tape-resist technique, and building a desktop corkboard.
  6. Sashiko Embroidered Lamp

    Sashiko Embroidered Lamp


    Practice your technique on a fabric square, then strut your sashiko skills by stitching a design onto the fabric for a lampshade. Assemble your lamp, then light up a love of art and design.
  7. Stenciled Book Holder

    Stenciled Book Holder


    Design your very own stencils, then use them to create a colorful canvas-bound book holder... and anything else you'd like to stencil!
  8. Slime Party (5-Pack)

    Slime Party (5-Pack)

    $84.95 $94.75 value

    With this 5-pack of projects, you'll concoct oozy, fizzy volcano slime; glittery confetti slime; color-changing thermochromic slime; circuit-perfect conductive slime; doodle-able chalkboard slime; and some bonus glow-in-the-dark slime!
  9. Terrazzo Clay Organizers

    Terrazzo Clay Organizers


    Use colorful, geometric chips of polymer clay to create a set of terazzo treasures — where no two are exactly alike!
  10. Punch Needle Pillow

    Punch Needle Pillow


    Take a stab at punch needle art, decorating, sewing, and stuffing a punch-needle pillow.


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