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Shop the latest and greatest crates to spark creativity and encourage hands-on fun. Shop the latest and greatest crates to spark creativity and encourage hands-on fun.

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  1. Eureka Crate Science of Fun (3-Pack)

    Eureka Crate Science of Fun (3-Pack)

    $94.95 $104.85 value

    Explore physics with a pintastic pinball machine you built yourself. Build a linkage-powered trashketball game, then harness the power of parabolas to aim, shoot, and score with science. Then construct a hand-powered balloon pump, and learn to make twisty, tricky balloon art!
  2. Russia



    Explore Russia, where you can build a St. Basil's Cathedral storage box, and play a miniature game of gorodki.
  3. Circuit Science


    Rig up an electrical circuit that powers a lamp, complete with a unique punch-hole lampshade you designed yourself. Then engineer a game board that lights up when you complete the circuit, by tilting and guiding conductive balls into the right spots. Wire you still waiting around? Get building!
  4. Ice Lab

    Ice Lab


    Investigate density by conducting a series of colorful experiments using icy, salty water. Then explore the science of crystallization by creating crystal-coated snowflake suncatchers.
  5. Coin Eating Robot

    Coin Eating Robot


    Construct the body, connect the motor and cams, and wire up a circuit that becomes complete when you place a coin on the robot's tray — causing the robot to gobble the coin right up! Read all about the science of circuits, switches, and other electromechanical marvels like your money-munching bot!
  6. Spain



    Go sightseeing in Spain, where you can build a model Spanish galleon ship, and craft a Picasso-inspired cubist sculpture.
  7. Poppy Plushie

    Poppy Plushie


    Everyone's favorite plucky panda makes the perfect cuddly companion for any Panda Crate kid.

    This Poppy Plushie comes as a finished product, not a DIY building kit.
  8. Atlas Crate Classics (5-Pack)

    Atlas Crate Classics (5-Pack)

    $109.95 $124.75 value

    Shop for Atlas favorites and travel the globe with this 5-pack!
  9. Doodle Crate Classics (5-Pack)

    Doodle Crate Classics (5-Pack)

    $109.95 $124.75 value

    This 5-pack has oodles of Doodle projects to keep you inspired and experimenting with art and design!
  10. Eureka Crate Classics (5-Pack)

    Eureka Crate Classics (5-Pack)

    $149.95 $174.75 value

    Put the fun in functional and make five amazing things you’ll use everyday — with this Eureka Crate 5-pack!


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