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  1. Light-Chasing Robot

    $39.95 $34.95

    Wire up the motors, add the switch, and assemble your robot — all while exploring the science behind circuits and sensors. Customize your robot with one of two skins (a turtle or a beetle), then use the included flashlight to make it get a move on.

    Through Tinker Camp, supplement & extend Light-Chasing Robot with FREE content, video and additional DIY activities.

    Find out more about Tinker Camp and all the sessions of Camp KiwiCo here!

    Camp KiwiCo is open, and will be accessible all summer long. Crates can be purchased individually or you can buy a whole pack for the whole session.
  2. Froggie Lab Dissection

    $29.95 $24.95

    Open Froggie up, then use a pair of kid-friendly tweezers to explore the major internal organs that you and Froggie have in common — heart, lungs, stomach, and more. Then play a diagnosis game to figure out why Froggie isn't feeling well.

    Froggie comes as a finished product, not a DIY building kit.
  3. Glow Lab

    $44.95 $39.95

    Explore UV light and mix up 3 solutions that glow in the dark. Explore the chemistry of fluorescence, phosphorescence, and chemiluminescence.

    Delivery note: This item will ship separately from any other items in your order. Your entire order only qualifies for Standard Shipping (delivered within 3-10 business days).
  4. Constellation Messenger Bag

    $29.95 $24.95

    Create your own light-up messenger bag. Build a LED constellation circuit and sponge paint a beautiful galaxy effect to make the bag your own.
  5. Hand-Crank Flashlight

    $34.95 $29.95

    Assemble your own hand-crank flashlight, great for outdoor adventures, emergencies, or just battery-free fun.
  6. Baking

    $24.95 $22.95

    Let's learn about baking! Design a chef hat, make a cake, and practice measuring in the kitchen!
  7. Color Changing Slime

    $14.95 $12.95

    Explore the science of thermochromism — with squishy slime that shifts color when it changes temperature!
  8. Wooden Desk Organizer

    $24.95 $22.95

    Use the mosaic guide to design a pattern, then recreate it using wooden tiles. Build a wooden organizer — complete with multiple compartments for easy organization — then slot your mosaic panel for a snazzy geometric finish.
  9. Daily Activities

    $24.95 $22.95

    Place and rearrange activity magnets to sort and sequence your everyday schedule — from bedtime to bathtime to brushing-your-teeth-time, and everything in between. Then design and dye a colorful quilt you can use to tuck in your Kellan plushie and act out naptime routines.
  10. Pom-Pom Owls

    $12.95 $9.95

    Wind up yarn to make fluffy owl friends! Bring your handmade pom-poms to life with felt, stickers, and pipecleaners.


Showing 1 to 10 of 12

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