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Explore the rainforest and learn more about its biology. Create a crafty caterpillar friend that transforms into a butterfly hand puppet. Build a rainstick to imitate the soft sounds of falling rain. Assemble a tree and see how many pom-poms can be stacked on top before it falls over! Decorate all your projects with colorful rainforest themed stickers.

Everything needed, from materials to illustrated directions, is included, along with imagine!, a bonus play & learn magazine.


  • Butterfly puppet
  • Musical rainstick
  • Balancing tree game
  • DIY venus flytrap
  • imagine! magazine


  • Counting & Numbers
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Pretend Play

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  1. r r r r r

    Jane, Sep 27, 2019

    So fun and educational too

    The kids were able to complete this activity themselves, with some minor direction from us. They were thrilled by their creations and the enclosed activities.

  2. r r r r r

    Valerie, Sep 25, 2019

    Best box ever

    This was our first box and it was awesome. The replay value lasts for years and for multiple kids the game with the the rainstick was the favorite here.

  3. r r r r r

    Roxanna S., Apr 25, 2018

    Love the Monarch butterfly!

    I like all of the activities and I like how the rainstick doubled as the trunk for the tree and that the top of the tree is removable with velcro. I really like the idea of the caterpillar that turns into the butterfly. My kids had fun putting everything together and my son loved playing with the tweezers to put the pom poms on top of the tree. He really got the concept of caterpillars turning into butterflies and it was a fun puppet to make. While the rainstick was fun to put together I think the beads move through the paper too quickly so it's less like rain and more just something moving quickly from one end to the other. I also wish there was a bit more info about rainforests included in the magazine

  4. r r r r r

    Jenny M., Apr 16, 2018

    Perfect for little hands

    So easy for my toddler's small hands to put together. And now he built his own game. Easy punch outs and fun, safe stickers and beads. The puppet is amazing.

  5. r r r r r

    Candace C., Apr 1, 2018

    Versatile and easy

    I liked the versatility and ease of the crafts... especially the Monarch butterfly. I liked the packaging and easy to follow instructions. I liked the link to other rainforest books to learn more. I liked the crafts/game. I liked the ease of putting everything together. I most liked the experience of putting it together with my son.

  6. r r r r r

    Romi S., Mar 28, 2018

    Never ending fun

    I liked the mix of activities and the ability to continuously play with them after making. My daughter especially liked the butterfly activity and the tree game. Maybe have a section in the booklet that talks about the life cycle of a butterfly to go along with the butterfly activity.

  7. r r r r r

    Wanda R., Mar 27, 2018

    Simple directions , love it

    I like how sturdy the felt sticker for the butterfly are. My boys loved inventing new games for the Pom Pom tree. As always clear simple directions make it easy for parents to follow and it

  8. r r r r r

    Steffany P., Mar 4, 2018

    So great for my 4 year old

    The projects are so doable for my 4 year old and so cool when they are done. He is enormously proud of the butterfly puppet. I love how the projects relate back to the theme.

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