Crystal Chemistry Garden

Ages 5+

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Craft a colorful chemis-tree and garden using felt shapes and liquid watercolors. Then concoct a chemical solution that'll make your garden grow fun and funky crystals over two days. Learn about the science of crystals — how they're formed, and how they make up all sorts of things, like salt, snow, and sapphires!


  • Create your garden
  • Mix a chemical solution together
  • Learn the science behind the crystals!


  • Chemical Solutions
  • Crystal Formation
  • Creative Coloring

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  1. r r r r r

    Caroline, Dec 14, 2019

    Loved this!

    I have yet to have a child who doesn’t love making crystals! This project was really wonderful. She loved landscaping her garden and watching it change and grow. This was fantastic.

  2. r r r r r

    Ben, Aug 5, 2019

    Fun project and the crystals grew quickly!

    The crystals were fast growing and didn

  3. r r r r r

    Christina, Jul 15, 2019

    Kids enjoyed it

    It worked as I thought it would, and the kids enjoyed it. The bushes, and especially the tree kept falling over.

  4. r r r r r

    LK, Jun 24, 2019

    Interesting but the tree couldn't stand

    We found the science behind it very interesting and the instructions were easy to follow. The only issue was with the tree. When it became saturated with the paint color, it became too heavy to stay standing up by itself. We ended up not being able to use it and just used the smaller bushes and grass instead.

  5. r r r r r

    Laura, Jun 23, 2019

    Beautiful project and my kids loved working on it together!

    It turned out beautiful just as described. My 5 year old and her 13 year old brother worked on it together. Both enjoyed the process of set up and monitoring for crystal growth.

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