Kiwi Crate Classics (5-Pack)

Ages 5-8

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No summer camp? No problem! Create your own STEAM-powered summer camp at home, with this 5-pack bundle of some of our most popular Kiwi crates. There's something here for every budding scientist, artist, or innovator — from hands-on projects to amazing articles.

All 5 projects delivered together.

1. Push and Pull
Learn all about the science of string tension, and put it to work engineering wiggly, wobbly push puppets. Then craft a turtle toy you can race using a pull string.
2. Kaleidoscope Play
Build a spinning kaleidoscope, mirror book, and a travel pouch for your mirror! Explore angles and patterns.
3. Paint Pendulum
Engineer a paint pendulum, complete with paint bottle holder. Practice your swing and create vibrant spiral art, where every painting is totally unique. Then repurpose your pendulum to play games — like soccer, bowling, and more!
4. Capillary Action
Create flowers to learn about capillary action and build a tree balancing game!
5. Balloon Cars
Add racing stripes and patterns to your cars with a hand-powered airbrush tool and stencils. Build out your cars and then, experiment and tinker with the wheels and balloon to see how fast they can go.


  • Push and Pull
  • Kaleidoscope Play
  • Paint Pendulum
  • Capillary Action
  • Balloon Cars

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  1. r r r r r

    C&EG, May 13, 2020

    Fun “science afternoon” activities.

    C-8: They were full of fun scientific activities to do.
    E-6: These were fun to do and we learned some cool things. The kaleidoscope was the best one.
    Dad: We all had lots of fun doing these 5 crates as a weekly “science” afternoon - taking a break from the usual “remote learning” day.
    This pack had a great mix of projects for us to do.

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