Solar System Book Set

Ages 5-8

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Explore planets and meteors with our Solar System crate and curated book, Our Solar System. This Deluxe Pack is perfect for weekend activities! Save when purchased as a pack.
Project and book will be delivered together.

1. Solar System
Create your own solar system mobile, complete with a light-up sun in the center.
2. Our Solar System
In this completely updated edition of Our Solar System, Seymour Simon takes young readers on a fascinating tour through space! With beautiful full-color photographs and spacecraft images, young readers will learn all about the beginning of the solar system, including the sun and the eight planets and their moons. This book includes a glossary and an index.

Author: Seymour Simon
ISBN: 978-0-06233-379-7
Publisher: Harper Collins
Number of Pages: 48
Format: Paperback Book


  • Solar System
  • Our Solar System

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