Trending Now: From slime to space, these crates feature projects that are all the buzz.
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  1. Tinker Crate Ultimate (8-Pack)

    $149.95 $199.60 value

    Shop for Tinker favorites and save when purchased as a pack. Qualifies for free shipping!
  2. Young Chemist (2-Pack)

    $49.95 $54.90 value

    Ignite a passion for science at an early age and save when purchased as a pack. Recommended for Ages 5+. Qualifies for free shipping!
  3. Chomping Mechanical Dinosaur Costume

    $29.95 $20.95

    Build a big green dinosaur costume with matching dino claws. Rawr!
  4. Light-Up Wire Art


    Build two custom electronic art pieces with EL wire. Choose from five existing templates, or create your own from scratch.
  5. Ceramic Luminaries

    $24.95 $20.95

    Learn to trim and texture clay with stripes, sprinkles, sunbursts, and more. Then shape and dry your clay design to make lustrous luminaries. Add paint for a finishing touch, then let the glow show.
  6. Science & Art (3-Pack)

    $64.95 $77.85 value

    Explore three creative projects where you can craft bath bombs, soaps and your own messenger bag - fusing art and science together! Qualifies for free shipping!
  7. Slime Party (4-Pack)

    Slime Party (4-Pack)

    $59.95 $69.79 value

    With this 4-pack of projects, you'll concoct oozy, fizzy volcano slime; glittery confetti slime; color-changing thermochromic slime; doodle-able chalkboard slime; and some bonus glow-in-the-dark slime!
  8. Unicorn Sewable Circuit


    Sew up a circuit using flexible conductive thread, then craft a unicorn keychain whose horn lights up when you touch its tail to its hoof.
  9. Constellation Messenger Bag


    Create your own light-up messenger bag. Build a LED constellation circuit and sponge paint a beautiful galaxy effect to make the bag your own.
  10. Hydraulic Claw


    Construct your own lifting claw and learn how hydraulic systems work. Continue the experimentation with bonus design challenges.


Showing 1 to 10 of 24

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