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Explore the science of movie magic! Everyone loves watching movies, but have you ever thought about how they're made? Discover the secrets behind movie magic and animation history. Build your own spinning zoetrope and create your own animations!

Includes a step-by-step video tutorial link, illustrated blueprint instructions, all the materials, and a special-edition Tinker Zine magazine to learn more about the wonders of animation.

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10 reviews

Jul 20 2016

This was our second crate that we've worked on here at the home and I was quite impressed with the amount of thought and activity and learning we were able to do here. All 6 of my kids were quite involved and enthusiastic with this crate-- as well as their Dad when he came home.

Melissa B.
Jul 1 2015

My daughter (and I) loved the book containing the history of the zoetrope and the connections to current animation. She could identify with the content and it was perfect for her reading and age level. The interchangeable pictures are great and she, at 8, was able to fully put it together independently.

Ann K.
Jun 29 2015

The kids liked to watch the "movie" with each of the sets of images. They made their own movie with the blank cards. One of my kids said we'd never have to watch a movie on tv again because we had these cool ones to watch. It would be really nice if the completed project could fit back into the crate without dis-assembly for easier storage. One child did not want the others to cut up the TinkerZine for the thaumatropes. Perhaps that page could have been a pull-out instead.