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Ages 9+
Ages 9+



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Engineer a drawbot, and make art through the power of physics! Construct a motor, design a robot body, and experiment with the finished build to produce different artsy results. Then explore the wonderful world of generative art — art made using machines and even mathematical methods — to get a look into the history behind your drawbot design.

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14 reviews

Jun 22 2020

Tinker Crate always delivers on crates that are so different and unique. My son really loved how he could build a robot to make art!

May 28 2020

Spending so much time indoors has been hard, but this crate offered some entertainment and a reason to use brain power. Thanks KiwiCo for another cool project.

Apr 3 2020

We were not only excited about the drawbot, but also the awesome DIYs! We made both the jitterbug and wind up toy painting!