Kiwi Classics (5-Pack)

Ages 5-8

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These 5 projects are perfect for weekend or indoor activities!
All 5 projects delivered together.

1. Color and Light
Create a color-mixing light jar, project colorful shadows, and play with rainbow glasses to learn about color and light!
2. Disk Launchers
Build a disk launcher and design your own game pieces to create a game!
3. Solar System
Create your own solar system mobile, complete with a light-up sun in the center.
4. Playing with Hydraulics
Make your own hydraulics system and learn how it works. Then, you'll put water to work by building hydraulic-powered mechanisms like a moving inchworm and a picture that gets mysteriously colored in.
5. Pendulum Power
Learn all about pendulum power! Build a linkage system that makes two watercolor birds move, and a game where hungry animals chomp on beads.


  • Color and Light
  • Disk Launchers
  • Solar System
  • Playing with Hydraulics
  • Pendulum Power

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