Daily Activities

Ages 2-3

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Rock out with routines! Place and rearrange activity magnets to sort and sequence your everyday schedule — from bedtime to bathtime to brushing-your-teeth-time, and everything in between. Then design and dye a colorful quilt you can use to tuck in your Kellan plushie and act out naptime routines. (And maybe take a nap yourself! All this hard work would make anyone sleepy).

Discover age-appropriate projects, designed specifically for your child's age & stage, along with DISCOVER, a bonus magazine with expert advice, content around developmental focus areas, and additional at home activities to continue the fun at home.


  • Use magnets to sort and sequence events in your routine
  • Make a colored quilt to tuck in your koala friend


  • Sequencing
  • Sense of Time
  • Sorting

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  1. r r r r r

    FRANKIE, Jun 26, 2020

    amazing crate!!

    this was a great way to introduce chores with my almost 5 year old!

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