Koala Ultimate (8-Pack)

Ages 3-4

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These 8 projects are perfect for weekend or winter break activities!
All 8 projects delivered together.

1. Farm
Visit the farm with a matching veggie game, a set of four DIY finger puppets, and a barn tote case and playmat.
2. Pirate
Make and decorate your own pirate hat. Decorate a parrot puppet to make a pirate sidekick. Build a pirate ship and watch it set sail on the water.
3. Baking
Let's learn about baking! Design a chef hat, make a cake, and practice measuring in the kitchen!
4. Music & Rhythm
Explore the magic of music and rhythm with 3 engaging activities and a bonus magazine. Make a xylophone and write your own music. Play some jingles on your own koala-shaped tambourine. Decorate your dancing streamer with colorful dots for movement fun.
5. Wild West
Decorate a cowboy bandana, play a horseshoe game, and build a hobby horse to explore the west.
6. Nature Explorer
Make a box that’s perfect for nature scavenger hunts. Create a frog measuring tape to use with your other discovery tools. Fill your notebook with nature rubbings and all sorts of nature activities.
7. Transportation
Use special magic paper and a wooden truck to make tire track paintings, build a rolling ramp to experiment with speed and distance, and create a busy city scene to learn about road safety.
8. Dinosaurs
Make a dinosaur costume, create clay fossils, play a footprint matching game.


  • Farm
  • Pirate
  • Baking
  • Music & Rhythm
  • Wild West
  • Nature Explorer
  • Transportation
  • Dinosaurs

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