Poured Paintings

Ages 9-13

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Discover the ins and outs (and tints and tones!) of color theory. Learn how primary colors can be used to make all the colors of the rainbow, and how complementary and analogous colors work together. Then use what your newfound color knowhow to craft a couple of abstract poured paintings.

This poured paintings kit for kids includes a step-by-step video tutorial link, illustrated instructions, all the materials, and additional design ideas and inspiration.


  • Mix your colors
  • Explore custom colors and tints
  • Make paint mixtures
  • Create your poured paintings


  • Color Wheel
  • Paint
  • Color Mixing

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    Julie, Oct 13, 2019


    This was a very cool project! My tip is not to go sparse on the paint or it will stop moving and dry quickly!

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