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  1. Swirly Ornaments

    $14.95 $11.95

    Kids will love to swirl and mix the glitter paint to create unique, colorful ornaments. Decorated with jingle bells and ribbon, they make charming holiday keepsakes. This project makes a set of 3 ornaments.
  2. Santa Wobbler

    Santa Wobbler

    $14.95 $13.50

    Use felt and fluff to craft a soft and squishy Santa toy that tips over when you push it... then wobbles right back up again. A wonderful wintertime way to experience the science of weight and balance, all while DIYing your own cheery holiday decor.
  3. Little Tree

    $14.95 $13.50

    Make and decorate a kid-sized Christmas tree! Wrap fluffy pipe cleaners around the wooden "trunk" to make branches, then trim the mini tree with the included beads, bells, and tree skirt.
  4. Colorful Chemistry

    $29.95 $24.95

    Learn about the scientific method, then put together a bubbly chemical reaction in your own fab chemistry lab. Try other color mixing experiments, make some colorful art, and learn about everyday chemical reactions.
  5. Santa and Snowman Wobbler (2-Pack)

    Santa and Snowman Wobbler (2-Pack)

    $24.95 $29.90 value

    With this wobbler bundle, you'll use felt and fluff to craft both a Santa Claus toy and a snowman toy that tip over when you push them... then wobble right back up again! Explore the science of weight and balance, all while DIYIng your own cheery holiday decor!
  6. Steve Plushie

    Steve Plushie

    $19.95 $17.95

    Everyone's favorite kiwi bird makes the perfect cuddly companion for a Kiwi Crate kid — whether they're working on a science experiment, making amazing art, or having a pretend-play adventure.

    Dimensions: 12 inches (H) x 8 inches (W)

    Material: Polyester
  7. Color Mixing

    Color Mixing

    $24.95 $20.95

    Mix together colors in your very own color lab (complete with beakers and a stir stick!) and explore the colorful science of cause and effect. Then play a bunch of color games that challenge your color identification and matching skills — like color bingo, color memory, and more!
  8. Marble Run + Art Easel

    Marble Run + Art Easel

    $119.95 $109.95

    Explore engineering with a marble run gameboard, complete with 35 track pieces and spinners to build all sorts of marble-ous machines. Then turn your gameboard into an artist's studio with a reversible chalkboard / whiteboard panel and built-in paint cups and art tray to help your imagination soar.

    Dimensions: 21" L x 25" W x 38" H

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