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  1. Santa Wobbler

    Santa Wobbler

    $14.95 $13.50

    Use felt and fluff to craft a soft and squishy Santa toy that tips over when you push it... then wobbles right back up again. A wonderful wintertime way to experience the science of weight and balance, all while DIYing your own cheery holiday decor.
  2. Animal Bath Bombs

    $17.95 $15.95

    Learn about acid-base reactions and the science of molecules while mixing up a colorful chemical concoction, then press the mixture into bath-bomb shape. Drop your finished bath bombs into water to see fizzy chemical reactions — in action!
  3. Crystal Chemistry Tree

    $22.95 $20.95

    'Plant' and decorate a tree with ornaments and ribbons. Add ammonia, bluing, and table salt to the planter, and watch snowy crystals appear on the branches overnight!
  4. Colorful Chemistry

    $29.95 $24.95

    Learn about the scientific method, then put together a bubbly chemical reaction in your own fab chemistry lab. Try other color mixing experiments, make some colorful art, and learn about everyday chemical reactions.
  5. Paint Pendulum

    $24.95 $20.95

    Engineer a paint pendulum, complete with paint bottle holder. Practice your swing and create vibrant spiral art, where every painting is totally unique. Then repurpose your pendulum to play games — like soccer, bowling, and more!
  6. Froggie Lab Dissection

    Froggie Lab Dissection

    $29.95 $26.95

    Open Froggie up, then use a pair of kid-friendly tweezers to explore the major internal organs that you and Froggie have in common — heart, lungs, stomach, and more. Then play a diagnosis game to figure out why Froggie isn't feeling well.

    Dimensions: 16 inches (L) x 11 inches (H) x 6 inches (W)

    Materials: Polyester and Linen
  7. Santa and Snowman Wobbler (2-Pack)

    Santa and Snowman Wobbler (2-Pack)

    $24.95 $29.90 value

    With this wobbler bundle, you'll use felt and fluff to craft both a Santa Claus toy and a snowman toy that tip over when you push them... then wobble right back up again! Explore the science of weight and balance, all while DIYIng your own cheery holiday decor!
  8. Steve Plushie

    Steve Plushie

    $19.95 $17.95

    Everyone's favorite kiwi bird makes the perfect cuddly companion for a Kiwi Crate kid — whether they're working on a science experiment, making amazing art, or having a pretend-play adventure.

    Dimensions: 12 inches (H) x 8 inches (W)

    Material: Polyester
  9. Robots and Coding

    $24.95 $20.95

    Build and decorate your own friendly robot buddy. Create a robot rabbit with a customizable track to run along. Write programs to solve puzzles and send your robot along a path.
  10. Crystal Chemistry Garden

    $24.95 $22.95

    Craft a colorful chemis-tree and garden using felt shapes and liquid watercolors. Then concoct a chemical solution that'll make your garden grow fun and funky crystals over two days, and learn the science behind them!


Showing 1 to 10 of 21

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