Kiwi Crate Mechanics (3-Pack)

Ages 5-8+

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Learn all about mechanics with these 3 projects! Recommended for Ages 5-8+.
All 3 projects delivered together.

1. Mechanical Sweeper
Build a vacuum cleaner-like sweeper with moving parts that can be used to pick small items. Learn how salt and water react with vibrant watercolor painting.

2. Moving with Muscles
Build a soccer player with a leg that mimics muscular movement. Then craft your very own bow and arrow set to learn how your arm muscles work.

3. Hydraulics
Make your own hydraulics system and learn how it works. Then, you'll put water to work by building hydraulic-powered mechanisms like a moving inchworm and a picture that gets mysteriously colored in.


  • Mechanical Sweeper
  • Moving with Muscles
  • Hydraulics

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