Kiwi Camp (5-Pack)

Ages 5-8

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Delve into a week of discovery & delight exploring awesome arcades, fun with flight, deep-sea adventures & more!

Supplement & extend your child's Kiwi Camp experience with these specially curated projects to match each day's theme!

Kiwi Camp will feature five-days of FREE content, video and additional DIY activities to pair with these crates.

Find out more about Kiwi Camp and all the sessions of Camp KiwiCo here! Camp KiwiCo is open, and will be accessible all summer long.

All 5 projects delivered together.

1. Physics Carnival
Make a set of rolling stamps and use them to decorate a carnival scene. Create an acrobat that balances on your finger, and explore the physics of balance. Harness the science of gravity to build a tumbler, then construct a ball-launching catapult and try to hit a tipping target.
2. Fun with Flight
Build a rocket launcher and a set of your own flying rockets. Make a kite and run around to watch it fly.
3. Mechanical Sweeper
Build a vacuum cleaner-like sweeper with moving parts that can be used to pick small items. Learn how salt and water react with vibrant watercolor painting.
4. Disk Launchers
Build a launcher and explore physics by sending disks zooming across the room! Use the launcher to create and play a game with your new flying toys.
5. Mini Golf
Build a miniature golf course with an elastic-powered putter. Harness the power of physics, energy transfer, and chain reactions to score a hole in one! Then up the ante by designing four different golf course obstacles.


  • Day 1: Awesome Arcades
  • Day 2: Fun with Flight
  • Day 3: Deep-Sea Discoveries
  • Day 4: Lift Off with Launchers
  • Day 5: Science in Sports


  • Exciting Experiments & Activities
  • Discovering the Natural World
  • Science in Action

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