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Tinker, create, innovate with the tools for creative learning. STEAM products for kids ages 5-8

Kiwi (Ages 5-8)


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  1. Paint Pendulum


    Engineer a paint pendulum, complete with paint bottle holder. Practice your swing and create vibrant spiral art, where every painting is totally unique. Then repurpose your pendulum to play games — like soccer, bowling, and more!
  2. Playing with Puzzles


    Get creative by arranging shapes into patterns and making crayon rubbings to reveal unique puzzle pictures. Explore the ins-and-outs of the human brain, then put your mind to the test with brain teasers, tangrams, and jigsaw puzzles you make yourself!
  3. Kaleidoscope Play


    Build a spinning kaleidoscope, mirror book, and a travel pouch for your mirror! Explore angles and patterns.
  4. Treasure Hunt


    Craft some embossed coins, then stash them in a lockable treasure chest you construct yourself. Explore the science of cartography, and learn all about reading and using maps! Then design your very own treasure map, and send a friend off on the hunt to find your buried treasure.
  5. Physics Carnival

    Physics Carnival


    Make a set of rolling stamps and use them to decorate a carnival scene. Create an acrobat that balances on your finger, and explore the physics of balance. Harness the science of gravity to build a tumbler, then construct a ball-launching catapult and try to hit a tipping target.

    Through Kiwi Camp, supplement & extend Physics Carnival with FREE content, video and additional DIY activities.

    Find out more about Kiwi Camp and all the sessions of Camp KiwiCo here!

    Camp KiwiCo is open, and will be accessible all summer long. Crates can be purchased individually or you can buy a whole pack for the whole session.
  6. Kiwi Crate Mechanics (3-Pack)

    $62.95 $74.85 value

    Shop for Mechanics favorites and save when purchased as a pack. Recommended for Ages 5-8+.

    Qualifies for free shipping!
  7. Kiwi Crate Ultimate (8-Pack)

    $149.95 $199.60 value

    Shop for Kiwi favorites and save when purchased as a pack. Qualifies for free shipping!
  8. Marble Timer Book Set

    $29.95 $34.95 value

    Explore mechanics and time with our Marble Timer crate and curated book, Just a Second. Save when purchased as a pack.
  9. Capillary Action


    Only 21 left in stock

    Create flowers to learn about capillary action and build a tree balancing game!
  10. Alex and the Lemonade Stand Book Set


    Help make a difference with this deluxe crate and book set from Kiwi Crate and Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation.


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