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  1. Solar System Book Set

    $29.95 $34.95 value

    Explore planets and meteors with our Solar System crate and curated book, Our Solar System. Save when purchased as a pack.
  2. Light-Up Alien Spaceship Costume


    Build a light-up UFO that you can wear around your head, complete with a fetching pair of alien glasses.
  3. Alex and the Lemonade Stand Book Set

    $44.95 $34.95

    Help make a difference with this deluxe crate and book set from Kiwi Crate and Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation.
  4. Glowing Wings Costume (2-Pack)

    $42.95 $49.90 value

    Save when you purchase the Glowing Wings set to rule all the land — and sky!
  5. Froggie Lab Dissection


    Open Froggie up, then use a pair of kid-friendly tweezers to explore the major internal organs that you and Froggie have in common — heart, lungs, stomach, and more. Then play a diagnosis game to figure out why Froggie isn't feeling well.

    Froggie comes as a finished product, not a DIY building kit.
  6. Glowing Horn Unicorn Costume


    Build a unicorn costume with a majestic mane, a noble snout, and a horn that lights up!
  7. Light-Up Wings Costume


    Craft a pair of shimmery, electroluminescent fairy wings that you can wear! Fairy and Butterfly-approved.
  8. Colorful Chemistry


    Learn about the scientific method, then put together a bubbly chemical reaction in your own fab chemistry lab. Try other color mixing experiments, make some colorful art, and learn about everyday chemical reactions.


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