Tinker Crate Classics (5-Pack)

Ages 9-16+

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These 5 projects are perfect for weekend or Spring activities!
All 5 projects delivered together.

1. Hydraulic Claw
Learn how to build your own hydraulic lifting claw and continue experimenting with bonus design challenges.
2. Combination Vault
Engineer a combination vault in which to stash your secrets, accessible by a numeric code only you know (shhh). Then learn about other sneaky spy gadgets and encryption tools, and the science behind them.
3. Automaton
Take a peek inside automaton mechanics! Engineer a hand-cranked, wooden automaton that makes a marble climb stairs. Learn about other fascinating automatons in history and build your own.
4. Buzz Alarm
Use electricity and switches to make a buzzing game and alarm!
5. Glowing Pendulum
Explore chaotic motion with a double pendulum and UV light!


  • Hydraulic Claw
  • Combination Vault
  • Automaton
  • Buzz Alarm
  • Glowing Pendulum

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