Put Science to Work and Engineer Amazing Projects

Tinker Crate and Eureka Crate apply the principles of STEM concepts to make learning seriously fun!

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KiwiCo Tinker Crate

Tinker Crate

for ages 9-14

KiwiCo Eureka Crate

Eureka Crate

for ages 12-100

Designed by Experts, Tested by Kids

  • Hands-on learning

    Inspired by STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) concepts.

  • Convenient

    Everything needed to build, explore, and learn — delivered.

  • Creative

    Encourages a tinkering mindset.

  • Functional

    Create real, functional objects that you’ll love to use every day.

Tinker Crate

Tinker Crate encourages hands-on learning and experimentation in science and engineering for kids between 9 to 14.

What's Inside Tinker Crate

Sample crate!


Build and fire a real, functioning trebuchet that launches a ping-pong ball up to 10 feet. Then experiment and explore the physics of slings, levers, and air resistance.

Sample crate!

Hydraulic Claw

Build with hydraulics! Hydraulics are used all over, from airplanes to factories to theme parks. Learn how to build your own hydraulic lifting claw and continue experimenting with bonus design challenges.

Sample crate!

Walking Robot

Use this robotics kit to build a walking robot. Play with mechanical motion through robot building and experimentation!

Eureka Crate

Eureka Crate teaches how to apply the principles of science and math to the design of everyday items for kids (and kids at heart!) between 12-100.

What's Inside Eureka Crate

Sample crate!

Articulated Desk Lamp

Engineer a cool cantilevered lamp that uses pulleys and springs to make it perfectly adjustable, and explore mechanical equilibrium and materials science. Comes with an energy-friendly LED bulb and three lampshade color options.

Sample crate!

Electric Pencil Sharpener

Wire up an electromechanical pencil sharpener with automatic pencil detection, and explore electric motors and torque. Comes with a pencil set and notebook to jot down your ideas and inventions.

Sample crate!

Wooden Ukulele

Build a real four-string concert ukulele and explore the science of sound waves. Discover the design history of this classic Hawaiian instrument and learn to play some sweet tunes.

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