Tinker Crate Ultimate (8-Pack)

Ages 9-16+

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All 8 projects delivered together.

1. Friction Climbers
Engineer 3 wooden animals to explore the mechanics of friction!
2. Drip Irrigation
Engineer a drip irrigation system and sprout a love of botany and physics!
3. Planetarium
With this astronomy kit for kids, build and construct a planetarium to explore the night sky and see how it changes throughout the year.
4. Ballista
Build a ballista and experiment with aiming and launching!
5. Automaton
Take a peek inside automaton mechanics! Engineer a hand-cranked, wooden automaton that makes a marble climb stairs. Learn about other fascinating automatons in history and build your own.
6. Color-Mixing LED Crystal
Make a color-mixing LED crystal and explore the physics of color!
7. Glowing Pendulum
Explore chaotic motion with a double pendulum and UV light!
8. Hydraulic Claw
Construct your own lifting claw and learn how hydraulic systems work. Continue the experimentation with bonus design challenges.


  • Friction Climbers
  • Drip Irrigation
  • Planetarium
  • Ballista
  • Automaton
  • Color-Mixing LED Crystal
  • Glowing Pendulum
  • Hydraulic Claw

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