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Walking Robot


Window Garden


Kiwi Camp (5-Pack)




Light-Up Wire Art


Light-Up Speaker


Koala Camp (5-Pack)



Professions Starter Kit (3-Pack)




Slime Circuits



Young Chemist (3-Pack)



Enrichment for Grades 9-12 (3-Pack)


Balloon Cars



Chemistry (4-Pack)


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Best-Selling Science Kits & STEM Toys

Enriching, science-based learning needs to have a few of these key elements: curious minds, hands-on projects, quality materials, and fun results! These popular science kits and STEM toys contain all you need to share exciting discoveries with the ones you love most.

With a healthy dose of enthusiasm and the right project, your little scientist will have an unforgettable experience. KiwiCo offers popular science kits that give curious adventurers the ability to tinker, test, and try out their theories! Science can be fun, and that's a theory that can be proven with just the right experiment.